Episode 1: The Assignment

Oretega enters the Tenderloin to find the one lead she has on Hayes' underground lifestyle

Episode 2: The Shrine

Returning to the Ternerloin crime scene, Ortega investigates a sidewalk shrine

Episode 3: Going Residential

Ortega leaves her car behind and visits her client out in San Francisco's leafy suburbs

Episode 4: China Town

The client tells Ortega about her husband's undercover work and fall from grace

Episode 5: San Quentin

Ortega learns about Hayes' drug-addiction from a San Quentin inmate

Episode 6: The Hall

Ortega gets the run-around but picks up a lead to Hayes dealer

Episode 7: Finding Ludo

Ortega returns to the Tenderloin searching for Hayes' dealer

Episode 8: Union Square

Victoria makes a discovery and calls Ortega to meet

Episode 9: Hunters Point

The case takes an unlikely turn and has Ortega moving in new directions

Episode 10: The Pier

Ortega and Hayes finally come face-to-face in strained circumstances