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Lowlifes is a single story told from three points of view... so maybe that's three stories? Well you decide - because each story is closely related but also independent.

Larry Hayes is a drug-addicted San Francisco homicide detective. His story is told in the novella.

Jennifer Hayes is the ex-wife. Her story is told on her blog.

Lauren Ortega is a private detective hired by Jennifer Hayes to help with the child custody battle for Victoria, the couple's only child.


Larry Hayes

The stories take place in San Francisco around the year 2010. Hayes is a decorated cop working for the SFPD but his drug addiction is becoming a problem for everyone - himself, his family and the job. Not much is known about Hayes past but it's thought he went up through the ranks in the 90's in the infamous C.R.U.S.H - Crime Response Unit to Suppress Homicides. As author Michael Connelly will tell you, the police just love cool acronyms!

Now in the 21st Century Hayes is fighting to hold his own against the best but is losing his edge to drug dependency.

Jennifer Hayes

Jenny Hayes had many happy years of marriage to Larry but the drugs finally took their toll on the couple and she decided to divorce to save their daughter Victoria.

Bringing up a child on your own is hard work and Jenny has found comfort in sharing her angst online on her blog and Facebook page and swapping stories with other women who love cops! And she also tweets under the handle @married2sfpd

Lauren Ortega

Lauren Ortega is a new female private eye who loves the detective work but maybe not how the information she discovers is used. It's a moral conflict that older, hard-bitten private detectives have learned to live with. It's something that Lauren doubts she'll ever come to terms with.

She's always interested to hear feedback on her videos or pick up a new case. She can be contacted via her business website.

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